"You'Re A Goddess" Etched Palo Santo

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All of our palo santo is sourced ethically from ecuador. Our supplier is the leading the conservation and restoration efforts of palo santo's habitat.

They have also worked with ecuadorian and peruvian governments to create regulations on the sustainable export of this beloved wood. "palo santo or "holy wood" is sweet smelling wood that grows in central and south america.

After naturally dying and aging for 4-10 years, it can be burned much like incense to release it's bright and uplifting aroma, cleanse the environment of negative emotions and energies, and even repel mosquitos and other flying bugs.

Use palo santo any time you will be setting an intention or calling in new energy, such as before yoga, prayer, or meditation, when moving into a new home, while traveling, during a new moon ritual, or simply in the morning as you imagine your day.

Etched with a reminder that every woman needs to hear ""you're a goddess!"

Each stick is £1