Recyclable, Recycled or Reusable is the motto, even better if it goes in the composter, 99% of our total packaging is eco friendly and it looks divine when gifted

 O U R . P R O M I S E

We believe that it is of the utmost importance to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their one-of-a-kind pieces. We hold our customers near and dear to our hearts and are more than willing to move heaven and earth to make sure your shopping experience is unforgettable!

All of our packaging now is 100% environmentally friendly and we do not use any plastic of any form! Our little contribution to helping with climate change.

O U R . Q U A L I T Y .G U A R U A N T E E

All my exclusive handmade silver jewellery is made from 925 Solid Silver (including all earrings) and is 100% Nickle, Lead and Chromium Free and are therefore Hypoallergenic and should not cause any irritation. I do not make or sell any Silver plated jewellery jewellery!

Super-bright silver-plated pieces run the risk of the silver rubbing off over time (often within a few wears), revealing the base metal underneath, which is often the dreaded nickel!  NOTE: approximately 1 person in 20 has a metal allergy to nickel, so shop wisely! Genuine solid silver can last a life time if looked after well.

O U R . L E A D. T I M E S

We will aim to dispatch your item the next working day and be shipped via the Royal Mail.