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Imagine a beauty routine that feeds your skin with nature’s most nutritious ingredients, delivers visible clinical results, protects the planet, and funds good causes. Wouldn’t that be magical? Actually, it’d be Tropic.

I am a fully trained Tropic Ambassador, and can provide you with tailored skincare recommendation and answer any questions you may have. Just drop me an email at and I will be happy to help. I also offer local pamper experiences.

We’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing beauty companies, reshaping the industry with multi-award-winning products that are both ethical and effective.

Fusing wild tropical botanicals with cutting-edge science – no artificial preservatives or toxins in sight – our vegan products are freshly made to unlock your healthiest glow yet.


I started Tropic aged fifteen with one goal: to help my mum pay the bills. 

Inspired by my Grandma’s homemade body scrub recipe, I recreated the exotic blend at our kitchen table, before selling it at Greenwich market every weekend. 

What began as a market stall side-hustle, has now blossomed into a multi-award-winning business with millions of customers and over 30,000 five-star reviews. But our principles have never changed. We still use the finest tropical ingredients for real results. We still freshly make every formulation. And we still do good beyond beauty. It’s in our nature.”

<p>Susie Ma, Founder and CEO</p>

Susie Ma, Founder and CEO




To help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

We’re on a mission to do good beyond beauty, leading the charge with clinically tested formulas that are both ethical and effective. We believe that with an Infinite Purpose, real change happens.