How to measure your ring size

It can be expensive and frustrating receiving the incorrect ring size, so we strongly recommend that you are confident with your ring size choice prior to purchase. The best way to accurately measure your ring size is to be measured at a local jewellers. Alternatively you can use a DIY ring sizer, available FREE! 

We have also now added a Printable size download as a GUIDE only.  This can be printed at home.

You may find your ring size changes throughout the day depending on the warmth of your hands and after physical activity. 

Wide Rings! A larger ring size is ALWAYS required when considering a wide ring or a set of stacking rings. Please choose a size at least 1 size larger than your size for a slim banded ring.

Also bear in mind that your ring must be able to fit over your knuckle when taking a measurement.

If you would like a FREE ring sizer prior to purchasing your ring, please add a free one to your basket. We will only charge for postage and packing. :)

ring size conversion chart

Ring Size

As our jewellery is handmade the rings come in most sizes including some in between sizes. We will do our best to send you the closest size to what you require. Please contact us for help.