Behind Earth and Elements!

Earth and Elements was founded in 2017 by Ellie Simms, self taught silver smith designer, and self confessed gemstone addict! The first collection of handcrafted gemstone rings was forged and leashed onto her small home village Long Itchington in 2017!

What started as a love affair for crystals has evolved into personal exploration with gemstone jewellery and exploring the concepts of space and time. Crystals are literally are pulled from the earth and have thousands, sometimes millions of years of knowledge and wisdom for us to tap into and learn from, and what better way than to wear them every single day.  Each natural stone has been created in nature and comes with its own special imperfections and quirks.

There is nothing on earth quite so precious as time and when you wear a piece of jewellery that was made with love and care, you carry that with you every time it touches your skin. Earth and Elements Jewellery is made to be as totally unique as you are and enchanting for everyone!

Earth and Elements Jewellery has evolved to be a much loved yet small British jewellery brand, known for beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning. Our little tribe involves Ellie, Rachael (Ellies sister her Rock and brand goddess!) and Paul (Ellie's husband who helps with packaging in the evenings after a full day building!). We still very much a very small and family brand juggling all that parenthood and life mysteries throws our way!

Our jewellery is modern, chic affordable and is perfect for any occasion with an emphasis on gemstones and their healing powers. We have a stunning range of both gold and sterling silver pieces which are unique and chic.

Many items are hand made in our studio, whilst we do ethically and responsibly have a small team of Artisans in Jaipur India, keeping craftsmanship alive! These age old artisanal skills have been passed down from generation to generation. We are passionate hold on to and enhance the continuity of the traditional skills of these men and women.

Know that by purchasing a piece of jewellery from Earth and Elements you are supporting a dream, inspired by a vision to bring you the most beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning.

 Ellie x


 S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y

Recyclable, Recycled or Reusable is the motto, even better if it goes in the composter, 95% of my total packaging is eco friendly and it looks divine when gifted

 O U R . P R O M I S E

We believe that it is of the utmost importance to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their one-of-a-kind pieces. We hold our customers near and dear to our hearts and are more than willing to move heaven and earth to make sure your shopping experience is unforgettable!

All of our packaging now is 100% environmentally friendly and we do not use any plastic of any form! Our little contribution to helping with climate change.


All my exclusive handmade silver jewellery is made from 925 Solid Silver (including all earrings) and is 100% Nickle, Lead and Chromium Free and are therefore Hypoallergenic and should not cause any irritation. I do not make or sell any Silver plated jewellery jewellery! Super-bright silver-plated pieces run the risk of the silver rubbing off over time (often within a few wears), revealing the base metal underneath, which is often the dreaded nickel!  NOTE: approximately 1 person in 20 has a metal allergy to nickel, so shop wisely! Genuine solid silver can last a life time if looked after well.


Lead time generally runs at 1-2 weeks. Please factor this in when ordering your jewellery. We think it's kinda special your piece will be made just for you and really appreciate your patience.


Please be assured that Earth and Elements Jewellery are registered with the Birmingham Assay Office as a guarantee of the quality of my work. Any sterling silver items exceeding 7.78grams in weight will come to you hallmarked and with my maker's mark applied in line with UK legislation and as a guarantee of the purity of the metals used in our work.


Know that by purchasing a piece of jewellery from Earth and Elements you are supporting a dream, inspired by a vision to bring you the most beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning.

 Ellie x