ABOUT US- Earth and Elements Jewellery and Wellbeing offers handmade, soulful and spirited jewellery made by empowered artisans in India, Thailand and some pieces direct from our Studio in Warwickshire. We also offer a selection of ritual, mindfully curated crystals and home decor treasures for your sacred space.

Earth and Elements, a brand for free spirits seeking meaning, inspired by intention, connected by ritual and who value the universe, wellness and personal style in equal measures.

Our always evolving collections offer an adventurous mix of traditional and innovative work. Earth and Elements prioritises ethical sourcing and supports fair trade practices. 

OUR LITTLE TRIBE -With just three of us: Ellie, Rachael (Ellies sister her Rock and brand goddess and Insta Queen) and Paul (Ellie's husband who helps with packaging on busy evenings after a full day of building!). We still very much a very small and family brand juggling all that parenthood and life mysteries throws our way!

HANDMADE-Some items are hand made in our studio, however most of our pieces are made by empowered Artisans in Nepal and Jaipur India, keeping craftsmanship alive!  We Prioritise ethical sourcing and support fair trade practices, by creating opportunities together and helping local communities.

These age old artisanal skills have been passed down from generation to generation. We are passionate hold on to and enhance the continuity of the traditional skills of these men and women.

ETSY-We started our Journey in 2017 on ETSY. We still have a flourishing shop there with over 7000 sales :-)

DREAMS-Know that by purchasing a product from Earth and Elements you are supporting a dream, inspired by a vision.