Smudge Stick And Crystal Gift Set

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Smudge Stick And Crystal Gift Set

Smudge Stick and Crystal Gift Set,made to order with homegrown Warwickshire Organic herbs,

Gift Set includes 4 Smudge Sticks

*Palo Santo
*Selenite Crystal Wand
*Dried Flowers & Incense Stick

Includes instructions, all wrapped up in recyclable tissue, box and flower petals.

Energy Cleansing, a lovely House Warming Gift and Meditation Gift. Healing Crystals & Herbs.

How to Smudge

Using a fireproof bowl or shell light the Rosemary stick, fan the smoke with hand or feather, move smoke with hands towards your eyes to see good things, ears to hear good things & heart to feel good things. to rid bad energy & create new energy.

* Sage Smudge Sticks are used for Meditation,Cleansing & Purification,

* Rosemary Smudge Sticks are a powerful cleanser for your home & your own aura,
associated with the sun, fire & masculine energy.

* Palo Santo Smudge Sticks ( Sustainably Sourced) are used for purifying the spirit, clearing negative energy & to inspire creativity & aid in physical healing.

* Lavender Smudge Sticks are used for cleansing & creating the energy for happiness, healing, purification and tranquility & Improves mental clarity & awareness

* Selenite Crystal-( Sustainably Sourced) Place near your front door or hallway to rid of any negativity,
promotes peace & calm.

* Dried Organic Flowers & Incense
A gift from me to you to enjoy!