Rose Quartz Crystal Candle Holder -NEW

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Rose Quartz Crystal Candle Holder

Light a pure candle and place it in your rose quartz candle holder. This fusion creates an aura of serene energy while releasing negative feelings. Rose quartz is a wonderful Crystal gift that defines a symbol of compassion and devotion. Its gentle pink inclusions possess an undertone of unconditional love. Lighting the candle in your room provides an ideal composure of serenity and relaxation, especially during meditation.

  • Beautiful Crystal Candle Holder or Succulent Planter, made of Rose Quartz Crystal. 
  • Tea light candle included. 
  • As with all natural crystals, each piece is unique in size and shape.  
  • This rose quartz candle holder holds a single tealight. Ideal for creating a sense of calmness, compassion and love. 

See this beautiful candle holder in action here