Red Jasper Crystal Pulse Point Roller Ball infused with Jojoba oil and Essential Oils

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Red Jasper Crystal Pulse Point Roller Ball infused with Jojoba oil and Essential Oils

Choose one from from our four different blends.

Use on pulse points and breathe in the aromatic essential oils.

* Peaceful - Jojoba oil blended with Rose Geranium & Lavender

(A beautiful summer rose scent with a twist of lemon and hints of lavender)

* Uplifting - Jojoba oil blended with May Chang & Mandarin

(A Lemon fragrance with fruity and spicy undertones with hints of orange)

* Sleeping - Jojoba oil blended with Lavender & Clary Sage,

(A lovely scent of fresh lavender and earthy fresh herbaceous clary sage)

* Calming -Jojoba oil blended with Frankincense & Sweet Orange.

(An aromatic earthy scent with citrus notes and spicy undertones and sweet citrus orange)

Essential oils are always wonderful to use by themselves, but when used with crystals they are extra special.

Black obsidian is formed when a volcano erupts and the lava cools very quickly. Black obsidian stone is also known as volcanic glass, xaga, and royal agate because of the depth of its colour.

It is often used in feng shui, spiritual connection and protection.

This stone is very good for cutting ties and ridding yourself of negative connections.

The intense grounding energy is good for bringing you back down to earth and to your centre so that you can regroup and reassess what needs to be done. Its strong magnetic power means that it also holds lots of health benefits. It is said to draw out infection and help with digestive issues.

Crystals and essential oils have a lot in common, they are both made from earth's natural resources and often used for healing purposes — crystals are, of course, naturally-occurring minerals found all over the globe, while essential oils are distilled directly from plants, trees, and flowers.

These make wonderful gifts, packed in a recyclable box, wood wool and dried flower petals