Peace, Love and Freedom Charm Necklace - NEW

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Peace, Love and Freedom Charm Necklace - Silver

Beautifully embellished with seven handmade charms, our Peace, Love & Freedom Charm Necklace has everything you need to make the world a better place.

There’s a heart chakra charm with green onyx, a sitting buddha charm, a tree of life charm, a lotus flower charm with rhodolite garnet, a swallow bird charm to represent freedom, a Hamsa hand charm with turquoise gemstone, and a heart-shaped peace charm.

In a society where we could all do with a little more peace, love and freedom, this Multi-Charm Necklace is the perfect symbol of unity. Wear this charm choker every day to remind yourself to see the good in everything and everyone, or gift this silver charm necklace to a loved one who could do with a little more love and peace in their life.

Sterling silver, rhodolite garnet (0.2cm), green onyx (0.2cm) and turquoise (0.2cm) Also available in gold vermeil Adjustable anchor chain in 16" (40cm) adjustable to 17" (43cm) and 18" (45cm) Charms Dimensions: 10mm-15mm