May Chang and Frankincense Aromatherapy Beauty Cleansing Balm

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May Chang and Frankincense Aromatherapy Beauty Cleansing Balm

A crisp lemony fragrant balm with spicy woody undertones, a blend to awaken and refresh the body and mind.

Hand poured into a glass jar, beautifully packaged in a recycled cardboard box with wood wool and flower petals, one bamboo cloth and wooden spatula including FREE sample 5ml of balm from my Aromatherapy Balm Range.


* Natural Beeswax-A moisturising and protective barrier between
the skin and the environment without clogging pores.
Hydrates under-eye area and combats puffiness.
Antibacterial and antiviral and Eco-friendly!

* Organic Jojoba Oil-A light oil, mimics natural sebum, Softens, Moisturises,
Protects skin, hydrating, full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. vegan.

* Organic Rose hip Oil-Skin regeneration, promotes collagen,vitamin C and E,
smooths skin, minimises appearances of wrinkles, improves moisture levels, vegan.

* May Chang/Litsea Essential Oil-Mountain pepper, a sweet, citrus fragrance with fruity & floral undertones, lift your spirits when you are low

* Frankincense Essential Oil-Woody,Oriental with lemon hints, spicy balsamic undertones.
Mind cleansing, relaxing, tightens skin,improves elasticity.

Treatments & Uses

*Warm a little of the balm in your hand,( we do recommend a patch test first) and apply to a clean face,neck and body,avoiding the eyes.
Wipe away any residue with warm water using the supplied bamboo pad, for a more intense moisturising face mask use, use more and leave on for an hour.

*Massage a little into the temple,pulse points, breathe and relax.
*Use as a Massage balm for aching shoulders and legs
*Use as an intensive foot treatment, rub a liberal amount into your feet, leave for an
hour, rub off any residue and don't slip over!

*Use as an everyday moisturiser
*Perfume Balm
*Face mask
*Cuticles and hands
*Lip balm
*Lip gloss
*Hair frizz tamer
*Eyebrow tamer
*Massage balm