Eye Of Intuition Hoop Earrings -NEW

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Eye Of Intuition Hoop Earrings

As a symbol of mystical intuition and wisdom, our Eye of Intuition Hoop Earrings belong in every spiritual jewellery collection. Beautifully handcrafted in the finest sterling silver, these eye-shaped earrings come to life with genuine blue topaz gemstones.

They sway as you go about your everyday life, watching those around you as you learn to trust your gut feelings. The perfect handmade jewellery gift for those embarking on a spiritual path or new chapter in life, these Eye of Intuition Hoops promise to protect and guide their journey.

Centered with blue topaz, the November and December birthstone, they alleviate fear so that you can trust your inner power and embrace your noble self.

All of our stones are real so colours may vary * Hypoallergenic and nickel free * Eye dimensions: 0.9cm x 1.2cm * Hoop diameter: 1.5cm