Empath Healing Spray

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Empath Healing Spray 

The most beautiful Empath infusion spray containing, crystals and essential oils including, Ylang Ylang, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender and Chamomile. The perfect tonic for anxiety and stress relief, Soul connection, Protection, Mood and relationship enhancement, and calming.

*Fluorite Stabilises and protects the aura, deflects electromagnetic smog and stress. It also helps create healthy boundaries.  

*Black Tourmaline will help keep negative energies away and protect you from absorbing them.  

*Amethyst to help you feel calm and enhance your spiritual practice and offer psychic protection.  

*Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy and detoxifies any environment including the body.  

  • Seven signs you're an Empath !
  1. You want to help others.
  2. You can tell when something is wrong.
  3. You don't cope with bad news or violence as well as others.
  4. Your mood changes based on your surroundings.
  5. Nature soothes you.
  6. Crowds overwhelm you.
  7. You need a lot of time to recharge.

Please note -New bottle with wooden cap version, comes with an affirmation card, and product card.