Droplet Opal Necklace -Blue or White Opal -NEW

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Droplet Opal Necklace

Celebrate your birthstone or harness the energy you want to attract with a beautiful Opals. This elegant choker style necklace features 7 twinkling blue teeny opals which looks sensational worn alone and is also a great choice for stacking with other different length and styles necklaces for a on trend layered look.

OPAL GEMSTONE HEALING: Stimulating originality and creativity, let this encourage you to manifest your goals. As a gift, it is a karmic stone and is believed to pick up the thoughts and feelings of the giver and amplify them.

All our jewellery is beautifully presented and we take great care with each and every order to make opening a special occasion in itself. Jewellery with a sprinkle of magic.

Choose from an Eco Cotton pouch and display card or one of our beautiful white gift boxes, which looks perfect for gifting. A 99% of our total packaging is eco friendly 💚 Every Little help.

Details: 7x3mm man made opals, adjustable 15-17 inches