Silver Ouija Planchette Charm Necklace with All -Seeing Eye -NEW

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Silver Ouija Planchette Charm Necklace with All -Seeing Eye

Those fascinated with the occult will be delighted by this sterling silver Ouija planchette charm necklace with all-seeing eye. It features details you might find on the real thing, like tiny stars & moon, the hole for selecting letters, and an all-seeing eye.

The Ouija board launched in the 1800s at a time when Americans were obsessed with communicating with loved ones who had passed.  Seances were common then, complete with rapping walls and turning tables.  Enter the Ouija board. This simple device made it easy to talk with the deceased.

Details: •Charm size approx : 20 x 11mm • 925 Sterling Silver • Available in a choice of chain lengths

This stunning necklace will arrive in one of our luxury white linen effect  boxes, hand wrapped in crisp tissue paper so it looks great for gifting. All  our packaging is eco friendly. Every Little helps 💚