Ananda Spinning Ring

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Ananda Spinning Ring

With its flower engraving, spinning silver bands, and a trio of soothing gemstones, the Ananda Spinning Ring will help you find joy and happiness in everything you do. It is the perfect three stone meditation ring for those who suffer from anxiety and a beautiful piece of spiritual jewellery for those who adore spinner rings.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Ananda means extreme happiness, and this three-band spinning ring will help you achieve just that. It shines with vibrant green onyx, lustrous moonstone, and pink rhodolite garnet, gemstones revered for their calming and healing qualities, and it spins with ease to soothe the soul in times of stress. 

sourced moonstone, pink rhodolite garnet, and green onyx gemstones. Twist this meditation ring in stressful situations to find your happy place.


Spinning jewellery is a modern wonder inspired by ancient meditation techniques. Much like the Tibetan prayer wheels used by Buddhist monks for centuries, silver spinning rings spin to soothe the mind in times of stress. Spinning necklaces bring balance and good karma to the soul, while spinner bracelets calm fidgeting hands to instil a sense of well-being

Sterling Silver, faceted round green onyx (0.3cm), faceted teardrop rhodolite garnet (0.4 x 0.6cm) and faceted moonstone (0.4cm) *All of our stones are real so colours may vary *Handmade *Band height: 1.2cm