ONE! The Curated Ear

I can’t deny I caught the piercing bug in 2019! Hands up who else did? I treated myself to a gorgeous little Tragus piercing, embellished with a teeny sparkle, as a little warm up for my constellation ear piercings, which I’m having for my next birthday!

What is a constellation ear I hear  you say? Well a simple lobe piercing no longer seems to be enough, one this seasons hottest trends is to create a scattering of sparkle through piercings across your ear, to embellish your ears, as you would with rings on your fingers!

 Large clusters of piercings, ear cuffs and ear climbers are also hot trends, complimenting and simulating the constellation ear. Styling your ears with ear cuffs (which is basically a fake /non pierced conch cuff), gives you the option to have multiple hoops without heading for the needle. A great alternative for those who go a little giddy at even the thought of a needle! Try mixing and matching our ear cuffs, choosing different textures, colours and widths to create you own curated ear.

Here at Earth and Elements Jewellery, we have a great selection of both ear cuffs in gold, rose gold and silver to get your started.

            Gold Ear Cuff ear cuff setRose Gold Ear Cuff


 TWO! Opals and Celestial Inspired Jewellery


Arabic legends say Opals fall from the sky on flashes of lightning, and the Ancient Greeks called her mini-universes trapped in stone. She has been called Light of the World, Pandora herself and most notably The Empress of Stones. Opals have long been considered otherworldly and it is easy to see why when gazing into their depths.

Opals are back on the catwalk, and beloved by jewellers and designers for their electric and aw inspiring colour play. Timeless and far from boring Opal jewellery is one of the hottest and most gorgeous trends. It appears that the Opal colour play has gone to the next level, with pastel Unicorn Opal inspired hair set to be the hue we’ll all be rocking at festivals this summer. If your not ready for the Opal hair, why not take a peek at our stunning Opal jewellery collection!


           ble opal stud earringsUnicorn tears Opal ringwhite opal ring



With anxiety and mental heath awareness being at an all time high, people are looking and turning to alternative therapies and techniques to  help deal with their own health. Spinner rings have as a consequence become a rather popular alternative accessory to wear, and we have seen many celebrities embracing and celebrating the stunning piece of jeweller known as a spinner ring, meditation ring, fidget ring and anxiety ring.

Relaxing and tactile spinner rings are inspired from ancient Tibetan Meditation traditions. Spinning the wheel is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. The meaning behind the spinning motion of spinning the Tibetan cylinders is more powerful than most people realise and  is believed to naturally help calm the mind whilst simultaneously increasing good karma. It is also believed that the spinning motion helps rid bad energy.

The same principles apply to modern spinner rings, where the constant fidgeting of your fingers against the spinning metal of the ring helps calm the mind and body, easing anxiety and stress as the mind focuses on constantly spinning the ring.  What better than enjoying a beautiful ring and knowing it is doing you well being good..

Check out our great selection of spinner rings, with many made to measure. We are also happy for custom orders if you send us a message with your requirements.

          brass and silver spinner ringRose Gold and Opal Spinner ringsilver heart and gemstone spinner ring


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