Vegan Handmade Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Luxury Soap

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Vegan Handmade Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Luxury Soap - By Silk Roads Soap

The Tea tree and Eucalyptus Bar – cleansing, purifying and amazing for your complexion. Eucalyptus is highly invigorating like menthol, clearing the airways and the mind in a single breath.

The Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Soap Bar also benefits from the antibacterial qualities of tea tree. It also gently exfoliates thanks to the qualities of nettle leaves. It provides you with a nourishing lather that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed

The fragrances chosen for this soap are immediately present and striking, without overstaying their welcome, sitting quietly on the skin, cooling and cleansing like a breeze over a hot day. We’ve added activated charcoal for its pore clearing abilities and natural absorbency, it draws every impurity out of the skin and then washes away with it, leaving the skin purified, ready for the day ahead.

These divine soaps are made with finest natural ingredients will keep your skin nourished, hydrated and feeling silky soft. Little creations of art, they are perfect for treating yourself or would make a wonderful thoughtful gift for your family and friends. With the wonderful natural colours,  these gorgeous soaps also look incredible adding a lovely hint of colour in your bathroom décor.

These full-sized bars come in beautiful kraft drawer boxes .All our packaging is recyclable and no plastic is used at any stage of packing your order.

Each full-sized soap is approximately 80g. The weight may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.

All silkroads soaps are made in small batches and do not contain harsh detergents or harmful chemicals. Cured for a minimum of 4 weeks and cut by hand, each bar is uniquely beautiful.

No chemical fragrances – only natural essential oils that provide additional aromatherapy benefits while you are washing your hands, face or body. All soaps are vegan and plastic-free.

Top tips for making the most of your soap:

1. Always use a draining soap dish. This will help your soap last longer! You can check our Favourite section for some beautiful dishes from Etsy artisans.
2. Use the soaps for hands, face and body. It is very gentle and kind to your skin. This way you can also reduce the used of plastic in your bathroom!
3. You can reuse our soap boxes to store your jewellery or other small items in your home.
4. Keep spare soap in your linen drawer to keep your bedding smelling fresh and lovely at all times.
5. Take a soap bar on holiday with you (once we can again), when travelling light – save space for another bikini or two and avoid headache calculating volumes of your shower products for airport security check.


INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Responsibly sourced Palm oil, Coconut oil, Tea tree essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Activated charcoal, Mineral oxide powder
Sodium Hydroxide