Uncut Kyanite Pendant Silver Necklace -NEW

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Uncut Citrine Pendant Necklace

One stunning uncut warm amber coloured Citrine semi precious gemstone set on a simple sterling silver bezel setting, to let let the gemstone do all the talking! With a choice a 18 inch Diamond cut chain or 16-26 inch classic belcher chain.

Also available in Amethyst , Pink Kunzite, Citrine and Aquamarine (model wears pink kunzite)

W H Y ∙ Y O U ' L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T

♥ The most unique piece of jewellery, the perfect gift for you and your loved one ♥
♥ Adds a gorgeous pop of colour to you style
♥ A special piece you'll treasure
♥ High quality materials and attention to detail


  • I like to think uncut gemstones are imperfectly perfect, straight from the earth. No two pieces will ever be the same.
  • Crystals are literally are pulled from the earth and have thousands, sometimes millions of years of knowledge and wisdom for us to tap into and learn from, and what better way than to wear them every single day.
  • Each natural stone has been created in nature and comes with its own special imperfections and quirks.

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