Raw Kunzite Crystal Ring

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 Raw Kunzite Crystal Ring

Discover our NEW stunning Raw Kunzite Crystal gemstone ring, set on a handcrafted simple 925 sterling silver setting, to let the stones natural beauty do all the talking!

I love the raw beauty of rough cut semi-precious stones. Each stone is slightly different size and shape, as individual as you!

Forming part of our new RAW and NATURAL collection, of mindfully collected gems handcrafted into unique jewellery pieces. Our gemstones are ethically sourced and left raw in their natural earthly state, illuminating their honest beauty. No two pieces of jewellery are the same, taking shape freely in creation and artistically in life.

Presented in a beautiful Luxury white linen effect gift box, wrapped in crisp grey tissue paper perfect for gifting. All our packaging is Eco friendly!

A B O U T   K U N Z I T E 

The light pastel tone of Kunzite embodies its calming abilities and symbolises its innocence and purity. Its definite feminine appeal and appearance disclose its affinity to young mothers and children. This gemstone will reassure new mothers that they are doing the right thing and help settle hyperactive children.

Its appeasing strength can restore trust between people and reconnect troubled relationships. It can encourage sympathy, forgiveness and compassion resulting in a relaxed and contented way of life.

Kunzite is also a very heartening and encouraging gemstone so depression, bipolar disorders, self-confidence issues, eating disorders can be treated with Kunzite

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