Raw Aquamarine Crystal Claw Stud Earrings

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Raw Aquamarine Crystal Studs

Two stunning uncut semi precious Aquamarine raw gemstones set on a simple sterling silver claw setting, to let let the gemstone do all the talking! 

I like to think uncut gemstones are imperfectly perfect, straight from the earth. No two pieces will ever be the same. Crystals are literally are pulled from the earth and have thousands, sometimes millions of years of knowledge and wisdom for us to tap into and learn from, and what better way than to wear them every single day. Each natural stone has been created in nature and comes with its own special imperfections and quirks.

A B O U T . A Q U A M A R I N E S

As soon as you look upon a large aquamarine crystal a feeling of serenity and relaxation will envelope you, the cool blue colour is so evocative of a calm and inviting tropical sea that you are tempted to dive in!

The water element is a large part of the crystal's legend. Sailors believed that aquamarine was a gift from mermaids and would wear it to protect them from drowning or simply prevent sea sickness. They would also decorate their vessels with gemstones to encourage calm seas and thus save them from sinking.

Aquamarine is connected to the moon and we all know the moon's influence over us and the seas. It is also the traditional Pisces gemstone so if Pisces is present in your astrological chart then you might want to bring one of these crystals into your life.

A stone for calming the sea waters was also seen as a perfect amulet for calming the storms in a marriage so a gift of an aquamarine from husband to wife smoothed the rough waters of the home, too.

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