Old Spanish Coin Men's Necklace, Men's, Unisex

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Old Spanish Coin Men's Necklace, Men's, Unisex

This Johnny LTD design features an old Spanish coin replica that's been cast in solid bronze. We've encased it in silver pewter to create a two-tone necklace with aesthetic depth. This necklace looks great with any outfit. 

Pendant Material: Solid Bronze and Pewter
Necklace Material: Stainless Steel
Necklace Clasp: Lobster
Necklace Length: 24 inches
Pendant Dimensions: 21 x 24mm (.83 in x .95)

General Care: We select materials that will best handle the abuse men put their jewellery through; however to maintain the best possible appearance:

- We suggest avoiding exposure to excessive sweat, showering, and swimming.
- Leather should avoid repeated submerging in water to ensure longevity.
- Leather with glued clasps should not be exposed to water.
- Standard jewellery cleaner is safe for components.
- A jewellery cleaning cloth can be used to shine brass and sterling silver.
- Leather should be cleaned with a damp cloth or leather oil.

We do our best to accurately portray the photos of each piece. Keep in mind that jewellery with patinas or antique finishes can contain some variations of colour or tone.