Natural Precious Opal Spinner Ring -NEW

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Natural Precious Opal Spinner Ring

NEW! Our incredible new Precious Opal Spinner ring will take your breath away, and be a piece to treasure for a lifetime. Featuring one enchanting blue / aqua coloured genuine Opal gemstone, with incredible colour play, almost like looking into a mini universe. 

Set into a handcrafted 925 sterling silver band, with three spinners which move around the band independently. The central band houses the beautiful opal, which has been set into a warm bronze bezel to compliment the colours perfectly.


Opal is the most colorful gemstone in the world that is used since ancient time for its beauty, healing properties, and benefit. It takes its  name from the Sanskrit word Upala which means precious stone. Later, it would be called Opallios during Roman times

Opals which are mostly blue work with your throat Chakra, helping to let truth flow, eases and improves communication, and helps all kind of throat and thyroid issues too.


Spinner rings are relaxing and tactile, and originate from ancient Tibetan Meditation traditions. Spinning the wheel is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. Great for Anxiety and stress relief. 

This silver spinner ring will arrive in one of our luxury white linen effect ring boxes, hand wrapped in crisp tissue paper perfect for gifting. All our packaging is Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable and we use NO plastic. 


Always allow extra wiggle room on wide fitting rings - ie choose at least 1 size bigger than your usual size for slim fitting rings