Comet - Silver Spinner Ring -NEW & Engravable

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Comet Silver Spinner Ring

Our new beautiful and simple sterling silver spinner ring , features two hammered silver spinners and one central round brass spinner band, adding a warm gold tones. More sizes coming soon :)

Silver spinner rings are inspired by ancient meditation techniques, and Tibetan Prayer Wheels that have been used for centuries to soothe the body, mind and soul.

Made from 925 sterling silver with 2 x sterling silver spinner and 1 x brass spinner band

This silver spinner ring will arrive in one of our luxury white linen effect ring boxes, hand wrapped in crisp tissue paper perfect for gifting. All our packaging is Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable and we use NO plastic.

  • If engraving is required, please leave message and choice of font in the "note to seller" section at checkout please :) Alternatively you can email after purchase.


𝘞𝘩 đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜°đ˜źđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘯𝘰 𝘼𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Ż 30 đ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Ž (đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜­đ˜¶đ˜„đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜Žđ˜±đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜±đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯) 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜” 𝘭𝘩𝘹đ˜Ș𝘣đ˜Ș𝘭đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜ș 𝘮𝘰 đ˜±đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜Š 𝘣𝘩𝘱𝘳 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜Ș𝘯 𝘼đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜±đ˜­đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜°đ˜łđ˜„đ˜Šđ˜ł. 

đ˜›đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘼𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘼𝘩𝘮𝘮𝘱𝘹𝘩 đ˜€đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Ș𝘯𝘮, đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘮𝘼𝘱𝘭𝘭𝘩𝘳 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜čđ˜” 𝘾đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜°đ˜źđ˜Š. đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜­đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘼𝘩𝘮𝘮𝘱𝘹𝘩 đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜Ż đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 𝘣𝘩 đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜šđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜„, 𝘾𝘩 đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜łđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜šđ˜­đ˜ș đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜šđ˜Š đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯 đ˜Ș𝘧 𝘹𝘰đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜ąđ˜Łđ˜°đ˜·đ˜Š đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜°đ˜źđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘭đ˜Ș𝘼đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž. 𝘞𝘩 𝘾đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜šđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š 𝘼𝘩𝘮𝘮𝘱𝘹𝘩𝘮 𝘩đ˜čđ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș 𝘱𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ș 𝘱𝘳𝘩 đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜§đ˜” đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜±đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Žđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜ąđ˜­đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯 𝘣𝘰đ˜č. 𝘛𝘰 đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜± đ˜±đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜” 𝘱𝘯đ˜ș đ˜€đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜§đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Ș𝘰𝘯 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜± đ˜¶đ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜° đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜©đ˜°đ˜ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜·đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜Ș𝘮𝘩 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜šđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹, đ˜±đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜Š đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘼𝘩𝘮𝘮𝘱𝘹𝘩𝘮 đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜Łđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜€đ˜Źđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜łđ˜¶đ˜€đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯𝘮 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Š đ˜±đ˜°đ˜Žđ˜Žđ˜Ș𝘣𝘭𝘩.


Ring engraving/Jewellery engraving normally takes between 3 to 7 working days once a successful payment has been made, the method of delivery is to be chosen by the customer and please allow sufficient time.

Please ensure that you've chosen the correct ring size. If you are not sure what size you need, please contact us and we will send you a free ring sizer. Please also make sure that the message that you type during the checkout process is correct and does not have any errors.

Always allow extra wiggle room on wide fitting rings