Euclidean Triangular Moonstone Ring -NEW

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Euclidean Triangular Moonstone Ring

Our Euclidean Triangular Moonstone Ring is stylish and contemporary statement ring set with a glowing triangular Moonstone cabochon, forming part of our sacred geometry collection. 

Crafted in Brass, the warm gold tones compliment the beautiful iridescence of this ethereal semi precious moonstone. The brass we use is a combination of zinc and copper and is  lead, cadmium nickel-free, handmade with fair trade principles by artisans in Northern India.

Moonstone is June’s second birthstone. It is named after the silver rays within the stone which glint like moonbeams over water. Moonstone is thought to be a symbol of power, bringing health and wisdom to those who wear


Moonstone's obvious association with the moon itself has lead it to be often seen as possessing feminine powers such as intuition, creativity, nurture and unconditional love.

Presented in one of our luxury white linen effect ring boxes, hand wrapped in crisp tissue paper so it looks great for gifting. All our total packaging is eco friendly.